gem chang-kue

                     visual artist


The trajectory of my life has not followed straight lines but rather has unfolded in a meandering, circular way, often coming back again and again to places that I have previously visited.  As a visual artist, I have various media and themes that interest me, looping in and out of my life and the work I create.

I work in several different media:  ceramics, sculpture, installation, printmaking, photography and video.  Interesting things happen when two or more of these are combined and the usual notions of how each medium is supposed to appear are set aside. 

I am interested in language, text, poetry and stories.  Anything semi-translucent fascinates me:  fabric, glass, ice, paper, porcelain.  I explore ideas about bodies and our relationship to them in a constantly evolving digital culture.  I have been contemplating the notion of “home” and what that means physically, metaphorically, and spiritually.  The natural world is a never ending source of wonder and inspiration.  I am fascinated with water in all its forms, but I am especially drawn to lakes.

Circles have neither ends nor beginnings.  The deeper I explore my work in visual art, the more I am seeing my life as circular.  There is no singular straight path with one goal at the end, and that is heartening to me.  I continue to go round and round. 

Detail from “Story” installation, 2013.

“Winter Lake,” installation, handmade clay bowls, candles, 2013.